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Building works update - September 2018

It has been another busy summer period with extensive construction works continuing on the Wiseman site. We took possession of the new Sports Hall and RE classrooms at the end of June and were able to move in before the summer holiday. Over the summer works began on the conversion of the gym to a Learning Resource Centre and Lecture Theatre and the remodelling of the changing rooms into a classroom and a chaplaincy space. Extensive landscaping works have transformed the look and feel of the Wiseman site: the playground is much more open and has had trees planted and benching installed creating a different ambience. In addition the top playground has been resurfaced and this has enabled us to create quiet and active zones for break and lunchtime. The reception and office space has also been remodelled and this has created a much brighter and more welcoming entrance to the school.

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Overall, we are very pleased with what has been achieved across the two sites. The amount of work carried out has been very extensive and much greater in scope than simply creating sufficient additional spaces for the extra children coming to Holy Family. I want to thank the staff for their hard work on managing the project and coping with the restrictions imposed, but we know it has been worthwhile and the physical environment is now much better than it was and provides a range of first class facilities.

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We are looking forward to the formal blessing and opening of the Wiseman facilities by Bishop Alan on Monday 8th October 2018.

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Building works update - February 2018

The Corpus Christi Building is well used and is occupied by a range of departments including RE, maths, English, and Modern Languages. Both staff and students enjoy teaching and learning in its bright airy classrooms. The Learning Resource Centre is always busy and students make good use of its facilities before school, at breaktime, lunchtime and after school. You can read more about the official opening here.

Elsewhere on the Walthamstow site we have seen great improvements to the Design Technology area which teachers feel has improved the productivity of their lessons. Similarly in Art the refurbished rooms provide much pleasanter and inspiring spaces to work and learn in and the same is true of our two new science labs.

We are also making good use of our covered outdoor area, on the lower site which provides additional social and dining space. New furniture for this facility will be delivered during the forthcoming half-term holiday.

Meanwhile on the Wiseman site work is progressing very well on the new Sports Hall. This will provide opportunities for a range of sports including football, cricket, badminton, volleyball, handball, basketball and trampolining. In addition there is a fitness room and modern changing facilities. Adjacent to the Sports Hall is our new wing of RE classrooms which will provide excellent quality modern teaching spaces for the RE department.

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These works on the Wiseman House site will be completed in late June 2018 and then there will be refurbishment of the reception and office area of the upper site. The existing gym will become a Lecture Theatre and Learning Resource Centre for the upper site and these facilities should be ready for use in September 2018. The final phase of works will see landscaping of the grounds of the school to create a range of environments for sports and games as well as quiet social spaces.

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Buildings works update - 5th June 2017

I am pleased to report that there has been much activity has taken place over the half-term period. The first sections of our new building have been delivered. These will form a first floor level bridge between the existing building and the new classrooms, which will allow circulation along the upper level as well as at ground floor level.

During this coming week, further sections of the building will be delivered and hoisted into place by the crane that you can see in the photographs. Very soon all the physical structure of the new building will be in place. The construction team will then fit out the building including utility supplies, ICT and internal finishes.

We are also creating a link to the primary school via a gate which will provide easier access to each of our schools. Our intention is that we will be able to host visits by OLSG pupils and staff to make use of our specialist facilities when we are not using them. This will include science labs, technology workshops and our cookery rooms.

This week we have appointed a contractor, Forest Gate Construction to carry out works on our front reception and school office areas. These works will create an improved reception area including a chaplaincy space and improved security and control of access to the school. In addition, works will take place to install a security gate at the front of Walthamstow House. We will also be expanding the existing dining area of the hall by covering the courtyard area so that further tables and chairs can be accommodated in September.

Lastly, for this update, we have been invited to view the findings from the archaeological dig on the Wiseman site with a view to selecting items to be displayed in the school. The items found include pottery and, I understand, two Roman coins. More on this next time.

Dr Stone

June 5th 2017

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Building works update - 18th April 2017

To keep everyone informed about the progress of the building project we shall be maintaining a monthly folder on the website with updates as to progress.

Having come on site in mid-March, our construction company, Willmott Dixon have worked hard to prepare for the construction of our new building on the Walthamstow site. To remind everyone, this is a substantial building which will provide 8 classrooms on two floors and a double classroom size ground floor Learning Resource Centre.

At present Willmott Dixon are working on the foundations for the building. The building itself will be constructed around a steel frame. Sections of the building are being made to a bespoke specification in a factory in Hull. They will then be delivered by lorry and located within the frame of the building. Finally, the sections will be clad in brick to provide an attractive and robust finish.

We will be arranging for groups of students to visit the site as the works progress because there are clearly many opportunities for students to learn about modern construction processes from a technological, scientific and careers perspective.

We have lost some of our playground area for the duration of the construction phase. This will be restored in September 2017.

 March 2017

March 2017


April 2017

April 2017

Walthamstow Village Residents' Association uncover Ancient ruins on the Wiseman Site field!

Building works

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Building works update 21st September 2016

Most of the summer repair and refurbishment works are nearing completion. Some of these projects are of the necessary, rather than exciting variety but no less important. We need to ensure that the boilers work efficiently, that window frames are not rotting and that the floors are smooth, safe and do not present trip hazards. All important stuff.

Next week on 28th September, myself and some of the senior team will be meeting with the council and with our contractor, Willmott Dixon, who will be responsible for the major works over the coming year. These include the building of a sports hall on the Wiseman site and an 8 classroom block with an integrated learning resource centre on the Walthamstow site. This is clearly very exciting stuff and we are very much looking forward to it.

Lastly, for the moment I’m delighted that the students who have seen and used the new food technology facilities on the Wiseman site are so pleased with them. While the quality of staff is the most important thing in a school, it does make a difference to have excellent quality and inspiring facilities too.

Dr Stone

Please click on the links below to see some of the designs for new parts of the building due to be built during the course of the next year.

Sports Hall - Wiseman Site

Learning Resource Centre  - Wiseman Site

Classroom Block - Walthamstow Site



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