House system

Our House Leaders: 

St. Anne - Ms Minnock 

St.Stephen - Ms Atakan

St. Philomena - Ms Nordon

St. Ignatius - Ms Hampshire

St. Richard - Ms Berlo

St. Elizabeth - Mr Wilbraham


The Houses will meet once every term for a House Assembly and each house will produce a report on the school website at the end of each term highlighting the activities and achievements of the students. A range of activities are planned over the next couple of years including a sponsored rowing competition, spelling BEE, dance, music and drama competitions, table tennis tournament, dodgeball, football, netball, rounders and basketball competitions.

Every member of Holy family including students, teachers, support and administrative staff are allocated to a house. This is to give everyone a sense of identity and belonging. Staff events will encourage competition and well-being as well as contributing valuable points to the Houses.

Why have a House System?

Pride – A sense of belonging to a House and forging friendships with different groups of students.
Teamwork – Working with other age groups to achieve a common goal.
Leadership – Taking lead roles in projects, tournaments and competitions.

What are the benefits?

Healthy competition – To be humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat.
Citizenship – Seeing beyond the school, working on charity fund raising events for local and international causes.
Participation – Doing your best not only for yourself but also for your House.

Philomena House have had a busy year!

The theme for St Philomena House is participation.  It can certainly be said Philomena House have lived up to this expectation.  In 2017-18 Philomena House members have been busy representing their house at quizzes, in spelling bees, maths Pi challenge and raising £500 for MacMillan charity.  A special mention must go to Emilia Watson in 7P who has worked hard outside of school to fundraise for MacMillan.   

In the Spring Term, Philomena House organised their own house event.  On 21st March, a Model United Nations conference took place including all houses to coincide with Water day and generate ideas for keeping global water supply sustainable.  All students participated with enthusiasm and managed to form blocks working towards a resolution.  Much like the actual UN our delegates found it difficult to agree on a single resolution and strong debates were had particularly between USA and Spain!  I look forward to developing this next year.

 Inter House Sport and Sports Day

 Congratulations to House Anne who were this year Sports day champions. The win also takes them to the top of the Inter House Sports Table. With just 3 weeks left the competition is still close and House Elizabeth could still come out on top.

Inter   Sport League Table



A 1925 1
E 1735 2
R 1677 3
P 1536 4
S 1487 5
I 1454 6
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