Pastoral Structure

Every activity helps students to become more ‘Christ like’ and the pastoral system is an essential part of the process. Being a form tutor is a key role within the school and one that is extremely rewarding. The form tutor sets the tone for the students for the rest of the day.

The pastoral system aims to:

  • Support and monitor the spiritual, personal, intellectual and physical development of all students
  • Guide each student towards making the most of themselves and what the school has to offer.
  • Create a caring and structured environment for young people to develop.
  • Establish a communication network which operates effectively within school, but is also a point of contact with home.

Some of us are educators by profession but in fact everyone working at Holy Family is a teacher. Young people are affected in some way by every encounter they experience whether it is from a receptionist, learning support assistant, caretaker or classroom teacher. As a Catholic faith community: we are all spiritual beings; we have all received the God’s grace; we are interconnected through a spirituality of communion; we value learning as a sacred endeavour.