Return to School Sept. 2020 & Risk Assessment


Please see an important letter attached from NHS Test and Trace which advises about when children need a Covid-19 test.

Unless a child has one of the three Covid-19 symptoms described in the letter (high temperature, continuous cough, loss of sense of taste or smell) then they do not need a test.

Letter to Families - NHS

Dear parents/carers 

Please click the link below to view our risk assessment on preventing Covid-19 spread in a school environment.

Risk Assessment


Times of arrival for students are as follows:

Yr 7                        8.30am via front playground entrance

Yr 8                        8.30am via front playground entrance

Yr 9                        8.30am via main student entrance

Yr 10                      8.40am via entrance opposite the new Sports Hall

Yr 11                      8.40am via main student entrance


As I outlined in my previous letter we have followed all the relevant advice and guidance in order to ensure the school is safe to welcome everyone back. Staff had two days of training and a longer preparation time to get the school environment ready and we have put in place the following control measures:

  • If anyone has symptoms (persistent cough, high temperature, loss of sense of taste/smell) they must NOT attend school
  • Clean hand thoroughly using soap and water and/or hand sanitiser (we have ample supplies of sanitiser)
  • Catch it, bin it, kill it
  • Enhanced daily cleaning in school
  • Separate yeargroup bubbles
  • One way systems where necessary
  • Every classroom has a small pedal bin with a lid for disposing of tissues etc and students will be reminded of the importance of ‘catch it, kill, it bin it’
  • Students will report to different areas of the school on their arrival so that segregation is maintained
  • There will be enhanced supervision rotas to ensure segregation of year groups is maintained
  • The lunch period will be staggered so that only one year group at a time is using the canteen and all tables and surfaces will be cleaned between year group sittings
  • If there is a confirmed case in school then I have to contact Public Health England and the London CoronaVirus Response Centre (LCRC) and take their advice and instructions about our response The guidance states that applying the measures covered in our risk assessment will substantially reduce the risks of infection
  • We will continue to focus on staff and student well-being and resilience
  • The expectation is that the school applies these measures as far as is reasonably practical and where possible. This means that we cannot apply all elements of the risk assessment one hundred per cent of the time, but in managing to apply these measures to mitigate risk most of the time we will reduce the risk of transmission.



Attendance and uniform

Attendance is compulsory again from tomorrow for all students, starting with their induction days. We expect students to be back in full uniform. On days when a student has PE they are to attend school in their PE kit as we are not able to use our changing room facilities. Students will receive their timetables at induction. If any parent has financial difficulty in purchasing uniform at this time please email me directly, in confidence, ( and we shall do what we can to help.


Additionally, if you have uniform that your child no longer needs, but which is in good condition, please bring it into school and hand it in to the school office. We shall arrange for it to be washed again and distributed to other students whose families may benefit from it.


Facial coverings

At present there is NO requirement for staff or students to wear facial coverings in school. Waltham Forest is not subject to a local lockdown and facial coverings are not mandatory in schools. There are different views as to the wearing of facial coverings in school - our risk assessment follows current government advice that facial coverings are Students and staff will not therefore be permitted to wear masks. As they are not considered necessary and should not be worn.


I want to explain this decision as not everyone agrees with it. We have made it following the advice form Public Health England. Masks and face coverings need to be used correctly and we are concerned that many people do not do so and therefore the face covering can pose a greater infection risk for everyone. Many people do not dispose of disposable masks but instead re-use them and many others do not wash reusable masks as often as they should. This increases the infection risk to everybody. We are also aware of the problems of communicating in face masks when trying to teach and how they are not appropriate in the classroom. For all these reasons we are NOT permitting facial coverings and masks in school.


We are all really excited about having the students back in school - a school is not a school without the students and it will be great to start to see life return to some kind of normality in the coming weeks.


Yours sincerely


Dr Andy Stone



A full uniform guide can be found here.



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