School uniform is now stocked with Speedstich as well as Carolina’s. Please use the links, which will take you directly to the ordering pages.

A blazer and the correct type of school shoes must be worn at all times. Black leather Vans or other similar style of footwear is not acceptable. Infringements of uniform will result in students being sent home to retrieve the correct attire. 

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to you inform you about some changes to the school uniform that will be introduced at Holy Family from September 2017. These changes arise out of a workshop held with the design team for our new school buildings and the whole school community that took place a year ago on one of our enrichment days. Students were asked to give feedback about what they would like to see incorporated into the new scheme. Some of their ideas were to do with the colour scheme for parts of the new buildings. For example, the design for the sport hall will include elements of the Holy Family colours of red, black and white. We also took feedback from the students about elements of the uniform and these can be seen below in the photographs.

Our rationale is that we want students to feel that their school is changing and improving further. There is much to be proud of in the school and we want this to be reflected in everything that we do. These changes have been discussed with, and approved by, the governing body.

From September 2017 

  • New arrivals into Yr 7 will wear the new lower site uniform.
  • Students moving into Yr 8 will continue to wear their existing uniform
  • Students moving into Yr 9 on the upper site will wear the new upper site uniform
  • Students in Years 10 and 11 will continue to wear the existing uniform.

Please note: Uniform for students becoming Yr 8, Yr 10 or Yr 11 in September 2017 remains unchanged.

From September 2018 ALL students will be wearing the new versions of the uniform except for those students who will be Yr 11 in September 2018 will be the last year group in the old legacy uniform.

We are also introducing redesigned PE kits which again will be phased in as above. This is to avoid any unnecessary expense for parents.

There will be two uniform suppliers to keep prices competitive and to increase convenience for everyone. These suppliers are: Carolina’s in Woodford and Speedstitch in Walthamstow. There will be further information about how to purchase uniform provided after Easter.

If you have any questions or comments about the new uniform then please let us know.