Extended Homework Project

In year 7  students can expect to get 2 - 3 subjects per night each of between 20 and 30 minutes each.  Alongside this, students in year 7 will get an extended homework project task, which is more in depth and subject specific.

The extended projects will be used to develop the student’s independent learning skills as this will be crucial in the government's move to linear GCSE exams.  This means that your children will take all of their exams at the end of year 11.  We are no longer allowed to enter your children for GCSE modules in years 10 or 9.  Therefore as a school we have to begin to prepare your students for this right from year 7.

The extended project tasks will be given to your child at the beginning of the two week period and will have to hand it in on the Friday at the end of the two week cycle.  This will be an additional 6-7 hours of homework across the fortnight.