Intervention and Support

At Holy Family, we believe that Interventions and Support begin in the classroom. Through well planned lessons and assessment, and excellent subject knowledge, every teacher and member of support staff recognises the academic potential of all Holy Family students. Therefore, underachievement can be rapidly identified and intervention strategies put in place.

Each department will offer support sessions to any student experiencing difficulties. Where possible, there will be a second member of staff in lessons to work alongside the teacher in the delivery of the subject. Our vibrant SEN department also provides vital support with individuals or small groups of students. Throughout Years 10 and 11, there is an established interventions’ timetable in which our committed colleagues volunteer their time before or after school to facilitate ‘booster’ sessions in their given subjects.

Yet we also recognise that some students also need emotional as well as academic support and have many colleagues and programmes to ensure that this is provided. Therefore, we have our in house Learning Mentors and Year Team mentoring. In addition we work with Zurich mentors, Spark2Life mentors and run peer mentoring programme. 

We continually strive to ensure that every student at Holy Family is supported and we trust that they feel academically challenged and safe.