A Level Drama Performances

Year 13 Students put on a GREAT show!

As part of their A Level course, year 13 drama and theatre studies students had to devise a performance that was influenced and inspired by a great range of theatre practitioners and influences of contemporary theatre.  This journey started in June once they had completed their AS course.  The students have been working in groups to develop a unique piece of theatre that is relevant for a contemporary audience. 

After conducting a great amount of research and engaging in practical stimulus workshops based on a range of resources including the novel 'The man who mistook his wife for a hat' by Oliver Sacks and the painting entitled  'The Scream' by Edward Munch, the students developed two performances called Utopia and Bound.

Utopia was based on looking at how society is too easy to conform and how we are controlled by governments.  The students used the Thatcher years and in particular the miner's strike to explore the key issue and the impact on families.  The performance included audience participation and allowed the audience to consider how we ourselves conform even when we don't realise that we do.

Bound explored the story of Amira, who was forced into marriage because her westernised behaviours did not meet the expectations of her family.  The students were passionate about exploring this issue, in particular from the perspective of how mental health can decline as a result of such a trauma.  Their intention was to challenge the audience's social and moral responsibility to be aware of such situations and to tell someone if they suspect anything.

Well done to all of our year 13 drama students, who rehearsed endlessly to ensure that their performances were as professional as possible. 

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