Alice in Wonderland

Down The Rabbit Hole to the  
                                 British Library and the Alice in Wonderland Exhibition 

Do you want to improve your knowledge about Alice in Wonderland and have fun at the same time? If you do, I'm sure you are going to like the Alice in Wonderland exhibition in the British Library! 

When you first enter the exhibition, which is on the first floor, you are confronted with a sea of colour, lots of pictures and writing. There is a section for each chapter which consists of a brief summary, pop-up pictures and mirrors with engraved pictures of the Wonderland world. Following the trail, you will be able to see the actual original book as Lewis Carrol wrote it. You can also see how it got edited and in what order. There are also other versions there like the Walt Disney version, a children’s version and an original pop-up version.

There is a lot of technology in the exhibition. For example, there is a small touchscreen board where you can read from the first edition. There is a TV screen with the first ever silent movie of Alice in Wonderland which was made in 1903. There is even a PlayStation with an interactive 'Alice in Wonderland' game! The aim is to get Alice to the end of the maze overcoming obstacles and interacting with the effects of drinks which make her bigger and smaller. It’s great fun.There is also a machine where you can listen to all the songs in or related to Alice in Wonderland, like ‘The Lobster Quadrille’ and 'Beautiful Soup.'  

On the ground floor there is a themed shop which is completely dedicated to Alice in Wonderland which sells all types of book memorabilia and there are pop-up characters all about in the shop making it more real and interesting. 

My favourite part of the exhibition was the Alice in Wonderland Games. What will yours be? 

The Alice in Wonderland exhibition is free and will be in display until 17 April 2016 at

The British Library, 96 Euston Rd, London  NW1 2DB.


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