Bouygues 2017

Sixteen students in Year 10 signed up for the Bouygues 2017 Business Challenge.  It’s a competition which is accredited by Industrial Cadets at Silver and Gold level.  The aims of the programme are to introduce the company to schools in London, to encourage more girls into a male dominant industry and to promote the use of modern foreign languages in the work place.  The programme actively encourages team work and new research methods as well as presentation and language skills. 

We had to submit 4 teams of 4 students and our teams were:

Team 1: Kamila, Dominika,   Julia, and Jadzia 

Team 2: Mary, Jessica, Angelina,  and Romina

Team 3: Alex, Angela, Phoebe and Nicole 

Team 4: Fope, Ethan, Jeremiah,  and Khane 

 On 24th January a team from Bouygues came to Holy Family to speak to our students and to explain this year’s challenge:  to build a new sports hall for your school which had a community aspect.  The students began working on their presentations in earnest.  On Tuesday, 21st March we set off for Bouygues HQ, London full of anticipation taking in the sights of Westminster, Big Ben, the London Eye and the statue in tribute to Mary Seacole.  It was a tightly fought battle between teams one and two with team one being chosen by the judges at Bouygues to represent Holy Family in the final.  Team three also put up an amazing performance with excellent use of French.  Team four provided us with an entertaining presentation which was unfortunately marred when the script was placed in the washing machine along with Holy Family blazer!

This is what the Corporate Manager at Bouygues had to say:

Thank you and your students for attending the first round of presentations. Judges really enjoyed the presentations and commended your students on their behaviour and conduct but also the confidence displayed whilst delivering 

the presentations – a real credit to your school. They also mentioned how hard it was to choose a winning group as all were exceptional. We appreciate they are undertaking this as well as their usual programme of study and all have worked hard to incorporate the competition into busy schedules, including you.

On 26th April our four finalists attended a presentation workshop at Bouygues led by Dave Wake of CITB.  They were given advice on the skills of presentation and delivery and how to engage with an audience.  It was a really valuable session.

On Friday, 5th May we went to the Ciné lumière at the French institute in South Kensington for the final.  There were ten schools taking part with a possible trip to Paris at stake for the three best groups.  The girls from Holy Family had practiced long and hard.  They had honed their presentation, they had put together their finishing touches and we were very excited.  The girls did amazingly well on stage in front of 3 professional judges from Bouygues and although they did not win they represented the school incredibly well and I was very proud to be with them.  They could not have done more.  This is the message received from Elise John-Lewis at Bouygues:

On behalf of Bouygues UK and the Corporate Responsibility team, a big thank you to you and your students for taking part in our Business Language Competition and all your time and efforts.

 Bouygues Group photo of all students

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