New Prefect Team



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Congratulations to our new Sixth Form Prefect team. All the students went through a very tough process to be appointed to the team; they pitched their ideas to a panel and went through a gruelling interview! The team have already started work in their new roles. This week they have introduced themselves in Year group assemblies across the school and started promoting the annual Holy Family’s Got Talent contest at this year’s Summer Fair on Sat 1st July.

Head Girl: Niamh Feculak Norman                                                         
Head Boy: Thet Tun Oo     

Deputy Head Girl: Shola Adesina      

Deputy Head Boy: James Serieux                                                                     

Associate Senior Prefect roles:

Marnie Malone – PLT/Prefect team chairperson

Shania Aurelio – Administration and deputy chair of the PLT

Senior Prefects:                                                                     
Lian Nguyen                                                   
Esi Baidoo                              
Aaron Wallace
Jonathan Jalal
Daniel Gaston
Bridget Tendoh
Alex Francis
Jamie Escueta

Lauren Joyce
Divine Omango
Keisha Sintim-Lewis
Miriam Abraham
Jeredy Mananza
Shazi Rosene
Anita Rose
Josh Silvani
Jennifer Olley
Ronet Harewood
Ashley Onwusiri
Christelle Tchoumi

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