Great Sporting Success

Year 9 Girls London Youth Games Under 14


Holy Family 22—18 Sacred Heart (Upminster)

 In their second round game against Sacred Heart, the year 9 girls showed their basketball prowess in a thrilling, end-to-end victory ending with a victory of 4 points. Despite their shooting not being the best, the Holy Family girls dominated possession throughout the game meaning the result was never in doubt if the opposition couldn’t get the ball.

 The team is now through to the quarter-finals consisting of eight teams. We are eagerly awaiting who our opposition will be, as they will surely be a test as we progress through the competition.

 We wish our girls the best of luck in the next round and we are sure they will do themselves, and the team proud.


Year 9 Boys Football

 Leytonstone Sch 0—3 Holy Family

Boys football

With a new half term beginning, so did the football fixtures for each year group. The first fixture being played was the year 9 boys vs Leytonstone school on Tuesday 21st February.

 The boys were at a disadvantage going into the game missing a key player in goal, Anthony E, who had been a key part of the Essex Cup run seeing them reach the quarter-finals. However, a quick reshuffle and a selfless nomination by Gerard M to put himself in goal and risk the chance of a fierce shot being sent his way and the boys were soon back their resilient best. The game began with the Holy Family boys showing exactly why they haven’t lost a game yet, with fierce desire from all, especially Kejaun J in his role of defensive attacker. The Leytonstone defence were scared whenever the ball was near him.

A barrage of attacks were superbly defended for the first 15 minutes of the game by the Leytonstone defence and goalkeeper, with goal-line clearances and fingertip saves becoming a common feature of the game.

 The breakthrough came in the first half, when Fergus M, who had moved in defence, leapt like a salmon to meet a corner and head home for 1-0. From that point on, Leytonstone attempted to hit on the counter-attack, but a returning Celestin I had a dominant game and broke up all attacks before there was any problems to deal with.

 With this victory, the boys have now put themselves in prime position to win the league. They are now 3 points clear of 2nd place with one game remaining.We hope that next week we will be announcing league champions! Which would be more than deserving for the effort the boys have put in this term towards the football team.


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