IET Faraday Challenge

Twelve year 8 students attended The IET Faraday Challenge day, in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation, held at Walthamstow School for Girls on Enrichment day. Their challenge was to use micro:bit technology to develop two products which could help improve the performance of Ben Ainslie’s Land Rover BAR Team, who are competing in the six America’s Cup World Series.

 Our students created 2 teams and were against 4 teams from Walthamstow School for Girls. Teams were given a 10 minute training on coding and had to work without any help from staff for the rest of the day. Teams assigned themselves roles, identified problems faced by the racing team, generated and developed design ideas, created their products whilst sticking within their budgets and presented their products.

 Our facilitator for the day, Kiera, said that Holy Family won due to their team work, attention to detail and ability to match the majority of the success criteria.

 Students who participated: Jeylan Djemil, Alexina Yevu, Shaniqua Sintim-Lewis, Kia Speary, Abiola Kushanu-Oniu, Brian Baraciriza, Teni Balogun, John Pereira, Shianne James, Ronald Acheampong, Alwin Mathew, Juno Vimaleuthiran.


The winning team were each awarded with a £10 Amazon voucher and certificate, they have also been invited to attend a celebration event in July at The IET: Savoy Place. Holy Family have been given a trophy to go with our growing collection.


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