Jack Petchey Winner

Jack Petchey Award Winner

Jack Petchey Winner

Each term we nominate a student to win  the Jack Petchey Award. These are students that have gone above and beyond the normal call of a student, often offering their own time, knowledge and skills to help out in some way which benefits the local community: either inside or outside of school.

 This term, year 10 student Korben  was the proud winner of the award. He  is always beaming with a smile with a high degree of positivity which emanates through his school work, and despite any adversity that he has gone through.

 Most importantly, he has embraced the Holy Family way and has used his positivity to help others. A founding member of Youth Health Champions, he has championed a new way of living and showing how healthy living can lead to a more successful life, and more positive life, especially towards mental health. He, along with the rest of the Youth Health Champions  meet weekly and are always coming up with new initiatives and ideas on how to improve the school’s health and regularly help the younger year groups with any challenges they have.

 In his own time, Korben devotes some of his time to assisting with Fencing club where he used his skills to support two SEN students who also attend the club. He shows great qualities such as patience and leadership in his handling and support of these two students but also all attendees of the group.

 Congratulations Korben and we look forward to seeing other pupils in Holy Family continuing your fine work to earn themselves a Jack Petchey award.


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