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On Tuesday 6th December, Holy Family students who study business or economics were rewarded for their enthusiasm and effort in lessons with a visit from Paul Sullivan from this year’s Apprentice.

Despite the hard-faced, tough persona that Paul gave on his TV appearances, he was engaging, smiling and ready to get involved. He was asked a plethora of questions ranging from his favourite housemate, how long they had to get ready in the mornings before moving onto more business-centric questions, such as, how he managed to become the only investment banker in London without completing A-levels or a degree.

It was a fantastic chance for the students to meet a self-made entrepreneur, especially one who has made it from similar beginnings to themselves. Lots of students felt invigorated, refreshed and willing to start their own businesses (or continue expanding their fledgling businesses – Luxurious Blends Co – website pending and Cortex Technologies - after being inspired by the honest talk Paul gave.

The students were then split into three groups to do an Apprentice style challenge. Each group had 5 minutes to come up with a product to sell, a target market and an explanation of the void it fills in today’s society. Without spoiling some of the ground-breaking ideas that were formulated we had a recruitment service, a kinetic wearable charging device, and an all-encompassing delivery service, that were presented to Paul and the rest of the audience in true Apprentice style, before being grilled with some testing questions.

Some of our students couldn’t simply leave the visit for the short hour, and opted to stay behind to ask further questions (and grab a selfie!) to extend, enhance and improve their business acumen.

Hopefully this visit will reinvigorate our students and help them achieve the best they possibly can in all aspects of life. Who knows? Maybe we have a future apprentice star among us!

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