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A Level & L3 BTEC results 2021

We are absolutely delighted with the achievements of our students this year and offer our congratulations to everyone in Yr 13 on their fantastic outcomes at A level and BTEC. Most of our Yr 13s have been able to gain places at the universities of their choice, many at leading universities including Cambridge. They will be taking all manner of courses from Architecture to Sociology and all points in between. There were many amazing achievements at A level and BTEC including:

Lemuel Osei-Biney A*A*A* in Economics, Geography and Maths (Geography at University of Cambridge)

Anna Maxfield A*A*A* in English Literature, Geography and History (Global Sustainable Development at Warwick University)

Eamon McGrath A*A*A* in Chemistry, Maths and Physics (Mechatronics and Robotics at Leeds University)

Fergus McGrath A*A*A* in Economics, English Literature and Geography (Economics & Geography at Leeds University)

Johnathan Thevarajah A*A*A* in Biology, Chemistry and Maths (Bio-medicine at UCL)

Joel Jaimon A*A*AA in Art, Maths, Geography and Physics (Architecture at Sheffield University)

Olivia Contaldo A*A*A in Biology, Maths and Physics (Physics with Medical Physics at UCL)

Chuk Madukwe A*A*A in Economics, English Literature and Maths (Economics at Warwick University)

Rebekah Da Silva A*AAB in Sociology. Psychology, Religious Studies and Geography (Psychology at Queen Mary University)

Mariesa Francis-Gray A*AAB in History, Biology, Maths and Chemistry  (Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary University)

BTEC Level 3

Mildred Boakye D*D*D* in Business and IT (Business Information Technology at University of Kent)

Mateusz Majchrowski D*D*D* in Business and IT (Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University)

Vianne Vo D*D*A in Health & Social Care and A Level Sociology (Child Nursing at City University)

Gabriel Mikuskiewicz D*DD* in Business and IT (Gap Year)

Mark Ofori-Yeboah D*DD* in Business and IT (Human Resource Management at UEL)

Mary Lochun D*DD in Health & Social Care and Applied Science (Biomedical Sciences at Nottingham Trent University)​


Despite this being a most unusual year our students have shown great resilience in coping with the consequences of the pandemic on their education. The Yr 13s had experienced disruption to their studies in both of their years at sixth form. Despite these challenges and supported by their teachers and family members they have come through and we are extremely proud of them. Tempered by the stresses of the pandemic they will undoubtedly go on to great things in the future. Thanks to all their teachers, parents and family members who have supported them over these past two years. We wish them every blessing in the future as they embark on the next phase of their lives.

We wish all our students the best for the future.

Dr Stone