We fully support students through Sixth Form from transition and induction at year 11, until the end of year 13 at results day, when students may need help with clearing.

Our aim for all students is to stretch them to their fullest ability.

UCAS is the organisation that processes all full-time applications to UK universities and colleges. It is there to support you – as well as your son or daughter – through every step of the application process. UCAS sends all applicants a monthly newsletter, full of useful information, reminders, advice and competitions. But did you know you can get information from UCAS too?

You can sign up to monthly parent newsletters quickly and simply online. They’re completely FREE and contain timely information and advice about your son or daughter’s journey to higher education and what you can do to support them.

For further information about the UCAS process, take a look at the advice for parents and guardians on ucas.com.

UCAS has information for all age groups.

We run an extremely comprehensive UCAS programme, all students are fully supported through the university entrance procedures.

The programme starts in February with personal development planning including researching.

All students attend
* UCAS convention
* Statement writing sessions
* Finance talk
* Talks from various universities
* Visit to Sussex University.

We also run a Parents/Carers information evening.

All students are encouraged to attend at least two subject days at Universities and to sign up for Master Classes.  Students are also advised to attend residential courses at universities.

We offer sessions in interview practice and techniques to help students in university, apprenticeship and job interviews.  We run CV writing sessions and run an interview day with employers for all of year 12.

Our very able students will also have visits to Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

UCAS Information Presentation - Click here

UCAS  and progression update and information 2016 - Click here

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Our details...
Walthamstow House Site

Years 7,8, 12 and 13.

1 Shernhall Street London E17 3EA

How to find us

Tel: 020 8520 0482

For general enquiries please contact: Mrs Lazarus or Mrs Thorogood


Wiseman House Site

Years 9,10 and 11.

34 Shernhall Street London E17 9RT

How to find us

Tel: 020 8520 3587

For general enquiries please contact: Mrs McGeehan or Mrs Pike.