Assessment 2016 onwards

In order to ensure we are in line with new GCSE requirements, we are using a new assessment model for KS3 which is based around thresholds. This means that a student will be measured against themselves and not other students of the same age/year group.

The thresholds are: Excellence (expected year 11 grades 8-9), Secure (expected year 11 grades 6-7), Developing (expected year 11 grades 4-5) and Foundation (expected GCSE grades 1-3).  The students will be placed in a threshold depending on what knowledge and skills they demonstrate.

Important Points to note about the Thresholds

  • Students will participate in baseline assessments in all subjects
  • Students can be (and will be) in different thresholds for different subjects, allowing for talent and personal skill to be taken into account when target setting
  • Students will be able to move upwards through the thresholds, but not down.

Students will be assessed against their baseline threshold throughout the year. Assessments will be completed with results as percentages as follows:

  • Excellence - 90% upwards
  • Secure - 75%-89%
  • Developing - 59%-74%
  • Foundation - 0-59%

As the level of challenge increases, students will be expected to at least maintain their percentage scores. If they are able to do this then they will be making expected progress. One threshold above would be good progress and two above would be excellent progress.

These will be shown on your child’s report as follows:

  • Below Expected Progress: T-
  • Expected Progress: T
  • Good Progress: T+
  • Excellent Progress: T++

Please click below for access to the PowerPoint used at the Start of Year 7 meeting on the 13th of September 2016. This also includes slides on the whole school approach to marking and feedback.

Start of Year 7

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Murphy -