At Holy Family we encourage students to ASPIRE to the best in all they do. Therefore we are developing a careers education programme that is comprehensive and meets the needs of each child in accordance with the new statutory guidance. We aim to support our students with an impartial advice outlining all the options available from university to apprenticeships, from a gap year to setting up a business.

Latest Careers Opportunities 

Opportunity link
Insight into Transport for London Date and Time: Tuesday 28th November, 5pm - 6:30pm
Open to: Y10/11/12/13 Students                              Application Link  
PwC Flying Start Virtual Event Date and Time: Tuesday 28th November, 5pm - 6:30pm
Open to: Y10/11/12/13 Students                              Application Link  
Accenture: Are you considering a career in Technology or Consulting? On: 5th December 2023 at 6.30 - 7.30 pm
For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13.  Sign Up Here 
Apprenticeships with Specsavers 
 National Apprenticeships Week 

National Careers week 6th-12th March 2023


It can be confusing navigating the world of careers with so many key terms - click here for a handy glossary!


Each Year Group has the opportunity to take part in careers related enrichment activities on the drop down days as part of the PSHCE programme, covering topics from ‘What am I good at?’ to exploring ‘The World of Work.’

Students have the opportunity to discover themselves by completing a short interests-based questionnaire using the online Careers platform Start Profile. This...

  • Helps meet our duty to provide impartial career guidance
  • Helps meet the statutory requirements by meeting all 8 Gatsby benchmarks
  • Raises students’ self-awareness, aspirations and increases motivation
  • Facilitates option choices at 12/13, 16 and 18+

StartWith Start, students can explore their future careers and education options within school or at home with their personal logins. Our programme is designed to enable young people to make excellent choices about their futures and inspire them throughout their time at Holy Family. Each term students will follow a particular theme to develop their portfolios. See below for links to access each topic.

Careers Information Booklet 


Extra focus is placed on Years 8 & 11 when choosing their options. ‘BEE careers’ workshops are delivered and every Year 11 student is offered a one-to-one appointment with an external career advisor.

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Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience for year 10 students will take place in July each year. Year 10 students are encouraged to gain experience for their CV’s and personal statements by participating in our compulsory work experience scheme with the assistance of BEP.



FM CareersIn addition the school uses the weekly newsletter to advertise opportunities such as apprenticeships, summer school and placements at universities or to convey useful information.

There are several supports in place for the Sixth Form students to ensure that they have the correct information whilst researching which courses or universities to choose. There are links with local employers and various speakers from law, medicine, business and arts etc are invited to speak to the students.

For students who require additional support, the Reed in Partnership team is on hand to play an important role in assisting the young person to make application to colleges or apprenticeships. With Reed in partnerships, contacts with industries’ leaders from all backgrounds are organised to promote careers awareness through weekly workshops sessions delivered to different focus groups.  

Careers Team at Holy Family 

For further information and advice please contact one or our careers team:

Mr J. Fidegnon-Edoh (Assistant Head Teacher) -
Mrs M. Gaynor (Assistant Head Teacher) -
Mrs C. Warwick (Careers education co-ordinator at Key Stage 5 - Lifeskills lessons)
Mrs C. Pike (Work experience co-ordinator)


‘If you do not know your goal, you do not know where to aim’

Careers’ education at Holy Family is continually developing because we know the world of work is continually developing too. There are so many careers out there and it is one of our missions to make your son/daughter aware of these options. Whether the young person wants to be an electrician, fire fighter, web designer or even an airline pilot, it is our task to research the best way for your son/daughter to access these professions.

s4schoolWe offer a stable and comprehensive careers’ programme which seeks to educate every student from Year 7 to Year 13. Working closely with the charity ‘Believe in Young People’ your son/daughter will be given a personal log in to access the daunting, but exciting world of work from the classroom, or from the comfort of their own homes. We have an award achieving STEM club that embeds careers’ education into the curriculum. Holy Family has also hosted many inspiring speakers through our commitment to the Speakers for School programme and Dame Tessa Jowels and Lord Billimoria, to name but a few, have been extremely impressed with our student body.

Our external providers are vital to our delivery of careers’ education but we also recognise that we need the support of one essential group: You; parents, carers, sisters, brothers and extended families. Therefore if you would like to share your experience of the world of work, or offer any suggestions, internships or work experience placements, please contact me:

Who we work with:

  • The National Careers Service.
  • The National Apprenticeship Service
  • BEP
  • Believe in Young People
  • The National Citizenship Service.
  • Business Education Enterprise.
  • The Social Mobility Foundation.
  • EY
  • PWC
  • Barclays
  • Working in the City
  • Speakers for Schools
  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • Newcastle University
  • Queen’s University
  • The Law Society
  • Tech City

 Careers Policy