Cashless Catering & Payments

The school operates a cashless payment system for school meals, trips and any other contributions that may be necessary. The system we use is ParentPay. Please support the school by using the system.

There are a range of benefits, including monitoring what food your child is eating at lunch time and peace of mind knowing that your child is not carrying around sums of money that may get lost. You can access ParentPay via the tab on the home page.

It should be noted that cash will not be accepted for school related payments.

Cashless Catering

Cashless catering operates by taking a biometric thumb print, which will create a code based on eight separate pits from the thumb. Once a student’s school meal account has been topped up, they place their thumb in the reader at the till, which will allow them to ‘pay’ for their school dinner. It should be noted that this is not a thumb print and will only be used for school meal purposes.

Click here to view our leaflet on Biometric Information.