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The Benefits of Working at Holy Family

The Governors of Holy Family Catholic School are committed to the well-being and work-life balance of all its employees. Outlined below are some of the additional benefits enjoyed by those who are employed directly by the Governing Body of Holy Family Catholic School.

iPads for Teachers

All teachers receive an iPad to use at work and at home, subject to the acceptable usage agreement being signed.

‘Day off’ Scheme

All members of staff are entitled to a paid day off during the final half term of each academic year. The scheme is coordinated by a member of SLT. This scheme is conditional on:

  • Teachers must select a day where the least possible amount of cover is required through their absence. They must set appropriate work for their students in their absence.
  • Teachers must cover for one another’s days off, even if their own day off requires no cover.
  • Support staff must select a day which will have minimal impact on the smooth running of the school, e.g. sports day.
  • Support staff must also cover for one another as required.

Leave of Absence

There are generous allowances for staff requiring leave of absence. Full details are contained in the Staff Absence Policy. Where leave of absence is granted, in particular circumstances, there is a system of ‘paying back’ by undertaking to cover for absent colleagues.

Teachers ‘Rarely Cover’

Teachers at Holy Family will rarely be required to cover for absent colleagues and often only in emergency situations (the exception being as a result of a leave of absence). Teachers who are on long-term supply who remain employees of a teaching agency and whose teaching commitment is less than 40 hours per fortnight will be required to cover for absent colleagues.

Enhanced PPA Time

All teachers at Holy Family are entitled to PPA time equating to 10% of their entire teaching ‘fortnight’, rather than 10% of their teaching commitment. Hence a full time teacher is entitled to 5 hours of PPA time per fortnight and not simply 10% of the hours they teach (in most cases would be 4 hours).

Paternity Leave

Where a member of staff has completed at least two years’ service at HFCS, he will be entitled to two weeks paternity leave at full pay. Further details are available on request.

Commitment to CPD for all Staff - No lessons P5 Friday

We invest heavily in professional development for all staff, regardless of their level of experience.

There are no lessons on Fridays P5. Students are dismissed from school at 2.20pm allowing all staff to attend in house training. Staff may apply for financial assistance when undertaking further study. Each application will be considered on a case by case basis.

Early Closure and Staff Social Events

At the end of each term, the school closes to students from lunchtime. This is to enable all staff to share a meal together and to say goodbye to any colleagues who may be leaving. A staff social event is organised half-termly. Drinks and nibbles are paid for by the Governing Body.

Additional Day Off

Teaching staff are required to be available for work for 195 days throughout the academic year. This normally includes 5 training days. The final training day during each year is deemed to have been served through teachers’ attendance at a sufficient number of internal training sessions throughout the school year. Hence, teachers are only required to work for 194 days during each academic year.

Payments for teachers for additional teaching

Teachers who deliver additional sessions on Saturdays or in the school holidays receive additional remuneration for these hours.

Marking Day

One of our INSET days is set aside for the marking of mock examinations in early December.

Departmental Planning Day

Each department is granted a day off timetable each year to plan activities and to develop their schemes of work and resources.

Reduced Number of Graded Lesson Observations

Teachers at HFCS are only subject to one graded lesson observation during each academic year. This does not apply to NQTs, BTs or those subject to capability procedures. This arrangement is dependent on teachers undertaking ungraded and less formal lesson observations (including in the form of ‘trios’) and learning walks.


Food and refreshments are available before every Parents' Evening and Open Evening.