More Able

‘The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.’

At Holy Family, we value every student and believe that all students should achieve their potential. Therefore, we have an obligation to Our More Able students to ensure that this cohort succeed according to its abilities.

We will identify areas for development and assess what we are doing as a school for these students. A whole school register will be shared and all members of staff will be expected to know who the More Able students are in their particular subject areas. Lessons will be differentiated to ‘stretch and challenge’ all learners whilst staff will develop students’ independent learning skills and a greater focus will be on students’ individual learning. Every Holy Family student must be challenged in every lesson. We will monitor this promise through classroom observations, marking and feedback and assessment.

We expect our More Able students to be inspiring role models and to participate in a variety of enrichment activities. Opportunities for student leadership inside and outside of the classroom are expected to be procured and students will be encouraged to participate in out of school activities.

Overall, we will endeavour to nurture our More Able students to ensure that they reach their academic potential, be confident, motivated and inspiring young people.

More Able Enrichment Activities and Opportunities Include:

  • Master Classes
  • Visits to Universities 
  • Students as Researchers Project
  • Additional qualifications where appropriate and relevant
  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Maths Challenge
  • Horizons